Namespace Prefixes

To help simplify SPARQL queries, Dydra provides several default namespace prefixes that you can use within your queries without having to explicitly define them at the top of each query. These defaults can be added to and overwritten as needed.

A core set of namespace prefixes is automatically available to all accounts and repositories hosted on Dydra. These defaults can be overwritten and added to at two different levels within the system. Prefixes can be defined within your account profile, which are made available to all of your repositories, and individually on each repository.

Account Prefixes

Account-wide prefixes can be set in your account profile under the Prefixes tab. Prefixes should be defined using standard SPARQL prefix defition syntax with one prefix per line. For example:

PREFIX cc: <>

Any prefixes defined here will add to or override the default prefixes listed below and will be available to all of your repositories.

Account prefixes will also be used when querying the repositories of another account. However, in that case, any prefixes defined by the other account will take precedence over any that have been defined in your own. To override any prefixes they may have defined on another account or repository, you must include them in the query itself.

Repository Prefixes

Prefixes can also be defined at the repository level. These can be set in the Prefixes tab of the repository admin page.

Prefixes defined at the repository level take precedence over those defined at the account profile level.

Default Prefixes

This is a list of the default prefixes that you can use in Dydra SPARQL queries

PREFIX cc: <>
PREFIX cert: <>
PREFIX dbp: <>
PREFIX dc: <>
PREFIX dc11: <>
PREFIX dcterms: <>
PREFIX doap: <>
PREFIX exif: <>
PREFIX fn: <>
PREFIX foaf: <>
PREFIX geo: <>
PREFIX geonames: <>
PREFIX gr: <>
PREFIX http: <>
PREFIX log: <>
PREFIX owl: <>
PREFIX rdf: <>
PREFIX rdfs: <>
PREFIX rei: <>
PREFIX rsa: <>
PREFIX rss: <>
PREFIX sfn: <>
PREFIX sioc: <>
PREFIX skos: <>
PREFIX swrc: <>
PREFIX types: <>
PREFIX wot: <>
PREFIX xhtml: <>
PREFIX xsd: <>