Our Philosophy

Dydra is a cloud-based RDF platform built on several principles about how we believe tools for software developers should work. Some of them are inspired by companies around us. Others come from our disappointment with existing tools for the technologies we love. Together, they’re Dydra’s goals.

Developer Productivity is Everything

Developer productivity is paramount. No resource is more valuable. We never allow two steps when one would do, never have a step where zero would do, use smart defaults, offer multiple ways to do the same thing. Development should be fun, and busywork isn’t fun.

There Should be no Sysadmin

No part of the platform needs babysitting, monitoring, tweaking, or interference from you. Every tweak you make is meaningful for your application’s behavior, not the platform’s performance. You never have to allocate resources, figure out ahead of time how big a repository needs to be, or mess around with equivalent queries that mysteriously run at different speeds.

Be Open

Our product is this platform. Any code we write which is not actually the platform, is open, and free. Developers have enough problems without enigmatic, mysterious tooling. Our documentation? It’s just a Git repository; go ahead, fork it and improve it. Our SPARQL dialect? The canonical definition is a set of executable tests. Libraries we contribute to? Open. Libraries we write? Open. Platform status? If it breaks, you’ll know how, and hear about why it’s not going happen in the future.

You Own Your Data

You’re not signing your data over to Dydra, we’re just hosting it. License it however you see fit, or delete it from our servers entirely at any time. We claim no ownership on any of your work.